Tips For Overcoming Divorce In The Digital Age

Tips For Overcoming Divorce In The Digital Age

Before the advent of social media and smartphones, after a breakup, we could go a long time without knowing about the other person. However, now, it is difficult not to know anything, even if that is what you want, since we find out everything our ex-partner does in real time. Thus, the digital age we are in can make a divorce that much more painful. So here are some tips to help you get over it.

Delete and stop following on social networks

Taking the step of leaving a person is very difficult, and doing it in the virtual world is not easier. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even WhatsApp, give us all kinds of information about the ex-partner that prevents making this emotional cut so important. All the data we receive can make us mount stories in our heads with things such as the times he connects, the people he appears in the photo, if he seems happy or not, etc.

The smartphone thus becomes a source of pain continuously, because we are always looking at what is happening to the other person. Therefore, to stop having that contact with the ex-partner from the moment the divorce occurs is essential. It is very complicated, but it is the correct step so that all the pain that the separation involves calms down.

Avoid looking at images

In addition to stop following the other on social networks and delete it, it is also important to delete the photos that we have on the phone and transfer them to an external device such as a USB. In this way, it will no longer be so easy to see images every day that remind us of the breakup and that cause us sadness and pain.

Later, when time passes and the pain subsides, the emotional situation changes, and it is possible to resume that virtual contact and carry it in a positive way. But to get to this point, you need to first take a distance. In any case, returning to contact through the networks is a decision that must be considered calmly, since it can lead back to that negative emotional spiral.

We recommend taking into account all these tips to overcome a breakdown from all possible angles.

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