Differences Between Marriage Annulment And Divorce

Differences Between Marriage Annulment And Divorce

When it comes to finding out about the price of a divorce , you have to be clear about the parts of the process we are facing. Do you know in which cases you have to ask for a marriage annulment? We will see it in the following lines.

Generally, when you get married, you can do it for the church or for civil matters. Divorces break the civil marriage bond, but this is not the case with the church. The church does not allow you to remarry that way if you have divorced, except that you get a marriage annulment.

A marriage annulment occurs when the marriage is invalid, that is, it is as if you had never married. Instead, the divorce indicates that you have been married, but that it has been dissolved. In addition, the nullity is as much in the eyes of the state as of the church, but the divorce is only before the state.

When a marriage is void, you don’t have to worry about the price of a divorce , but it only occurs under certain conditions. The nullity occurs when the person is already married or when a wedding between brothers occurs.

In the eyes of the church it is slightly different, since other factors are taken into account there. For example, you have to be able to have sex and you both have to be baptized (or ask permission).

In addition, marriage annulment can also be given when the person cannot give consent when having an illness or disability. The same occurs when one of the two has married coerced against his will.

Finally, null marriages are considered when consent is simulated. This includes marriages of convenience and in general, all false marriages. In rare cases, marriage may be void by default, but these cases rarely occur. Another rare case is marrying a different person, for example, a twin brother posing as the groom.

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